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Gokarna Sadrasham Khshetram Nasti Nasti Jagatraye | Mahabala Samam Lingam Nabhooto Nabhavishyate ||
Gokarna is one of greatest historical, spiritual and traditional place, having history of thousands of years. And we are extremely blessed to serve the people who seek for the peace. Our Major areas of providing serve are,
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Pitru Pooja

Pitru Pooja, also known as Shradhdha, is a Hindu ritual that one performs to pay homage to one’s ‘ancestors’, especially who are not alive. This ritual brings peace to their soul as well as the present and future generations, is the belief.

Go to Shanti Pooja

Shanti Pooja

As a human, one always seeks for inner peace and happiness. This ritual is performed to get the blessings and strength, to fight the hurdles and praying for the trouble-less life.

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Devata Pooja

For the devotee, this is to make a spiritual connection with the divine. This is essentially a ritual or ceremonial worship, in which offerings are made to God with devotion to earn his love and blessings.

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Shivay Vishnu Rupaya Vishnave Shankaratmane |
Sakaraya Namsthubhyam Lingamoorthy Namostute ||
Welcome to The Holy Land Gokarna!

We are serving the people from decades in a proper traditional, spiritual way. Having an immense experience in Vedas, Prayogas, Shastras we are happy to serve you in all possible way.

We guarantee you with best of our services in pooja parikramas, along with that, we are also providing the boarding and lodging and we will join you to witness the beauty of Gokarna!


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